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The SMILE TV™ Advantage

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Best Live TV™ Proudly Presents:

SMILE TV™ – Strategic Marketing Implementing Leading Edge Transcribed Video

What is SMILE TV™?

Noun. (orig. pronounced SMMMII-LELE TTV) In the long form, SMILE.TV™ is a Strategic Multi-Media Marketing process which Involves the Implementation of Leading Edge, Lead Engaging Technology by leveraging Transcribed Video to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind content deliverable! Current. Consistent. Relevant Content, done for you! Hence, the acronym… Otherwise, a SMILE can be a mouthful!

What does that means to a business owner/operator such as yourself? Not only is this process going to bring in leads you’ve been seeking, but being the truly LE (“Limited Edition”) version that it is, makes a SMILE™ the go-to methodology for producing consistent, relatable, and personalized content in order to establish a superior, and prosperous brand marketing campaign. “Exactly How?”, very glad you asked.

How a SMILE™ Works.

SMILE™ – Strategic Marketing Interviews Lend Engagement

We all know a well-timed, and genuine smile can break down many barriers. Therefore, our entire process is encapsulated by leveraging ever-evolving Strategic Marketing Interviews, or SMIs. SMIs are built around you or your brand’s persona. The content produced by a SMILE™ includes state-of-the-art high definition audio, video, text and quality imagery, developed in stunning full-color, (or if you prefer B&W) at resolutions of 720p (Std. HD), and 1080p (Full HD), so that your message is delivered concisely, intelligibly, legibly, and most importantly… has you looking and sounding like a million bucks!

BLTV™ uses the latest in stand-alone, and remote a/v technology (TV) to combine those same HD quality assets, into one incredibly powerful, and creative content package. Content that is branded to you and your specific business, and is delivered on a regularly scheduled basis, ready to use at your bidding for any social media platform, email, SMS, or website marketing you may have in mind. If you need us, or any of our associated partners to do the social media postings for you, we can discuss those options also.

We Eliminate the Friction of Creating Content

Our exclusive SMILE TV™ process sets to task the idea that continuously fresh content is KEY to success! Video content is used by every major enterprise today and is leading the way in marketing-generated revenue by making up over 85% of the content consumed today. So how is our process any different?
Each Strategic Interview allows us to:

  • Create Unique Content
  • Deliver a Message In the Brand/Owner’s “Voice”
  • Stand Out and NOT Look Generic
  • Provide Assets in Multiple Formats
  • Stop Wasting Time with One Simple Conversation
  • Maintain a Consistent, Evolving Marketing Strategy

So for starters, either myself, or one of my many associated Certified Strategic Interviewers (or fellow CSIs as we like to call’m) will schedule a recurring video call with you to help tackle the burden of developing your current, relevant, up-to-date content. Our advanced network of CSI’s have been trained and certified by non other than my good friend Yifat Cohen, (of I’m That Geek! fame) to perform such a meaningful task.

The mission, should you care to accept it, includes the length of a one (1) hour Zoom video call, one day a week, (or bi-weekly, or monthly, or whatever based on your marketing needs). No more wasting HOURS of your precious time creating half-baked content that absolutely no one sees or engages with!
Let’s K.I.S.S.!! xx (Keep It Stupid Simple.) xx

BLTVs Not-So-Typical Remote Video Production Studio!

To learn more about what BLTV™ has to offer to you when it comes to brand awareness, and how we can help when it comes to creative, informative and engaging content, be sure to reach out today using the form below! BLTV™ is now onboarding new clients for this outstanding opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Access for new clients to SMILE TV™ will be limited to a first come, first served basis!

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