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SMILE TV™ Advantage


Strategic Marketing Implementing Leading Edge Transcribed Video

SMILE.TV™ at its core is a strategic, multi-media creation process which involves the implementation of leading edge audio and video technology along with the ability to leverage transcribed video in such a way as to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind marketing content deliverable for you and your brand!

What does that mean to a business owner/operator such as yourself? Current. Consistent. Relevant Content, that's DONE FOR YOU! (With a part to play or your own, of course) Hence, the acronym… Otherwise, a SMILE can be a real mouthful!

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As they say: "A SMILE is worth a THOUSAND words!"
(Well, maybe that's not exactly how it goes...)

Creating Content can Create Friction

Let Us Take Away the Friction!

Our exclusive SMILE TV™ process sets to task the idea that continuously fresh content is KEY to success and that doing what everyone else is doing is becoming tedious, repetitive, ridiculous and let's just admit it, OK?


So how is our content creation process any different?

Each SMI (Strategic Marketing Interview) allows us to:

  • Create Fresh Content from Every Interview

  • Deliver a Message in the Brand/Owner’s “Voice”

  • Stand Out and NOT Look Generic or "Copy Cat"

  • Build Assets in Various Formats - ONE Interview

  • Stop Wasting Time with One Simple Conversation

  • Maintain a Consistent, Evolving Marketing Strategy


One of BLTVs Not-So-Typical Remote Video Production Studio!

The First Step...

To begin, we schedule a 1-on-1 Discovery Session. First of all, to see how well we get along working together; second, to help better understand your particular needs when it comes to developing content for your product brand or small business entity.

Then, if it seems like a good fit, we would meet to follow up on the information we gathered during the discovery phase. This is where we strategize as to when and how often our recurring video calls will take place and what type of problems we need to tackle up as we move your custom-tailored, content-building machine forward.

The mission, should you care to accept it, involves an intense one (1) hour interview by "Yours Truly".  That's right, a simple Zoom video call, one day a week, (or bi-weekly, or monthly, or whatever basis your marketing needs entail) is all we need to get started! No more wasting HOURS of your precious time creating half-baked content that absolutely no one sees or engages with!

The Next Step is Yours...

To find out more about what BLTV™ has to offer when it comes to brand awareness, and how we can help when it comes to creative, informative and engaging content, be sure to reach out today by filling out the form, and we will begin the process right away!

Please Note: BLTV™ is now onboarding new clients for this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to stand out in the crowd, however access to SMILE TV™ will be limited to a first come, first served basis!


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