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WinBroadcaster – Professional Live Streaming Software Review

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WinBroadcaster/JustBroadcaster | by Michael Garanin | 14 Day Free Trial, $50/yr

JustBroadcaster, Michael’s original product for the Mac, has been on the block since 2016. The first release even had it’s own streaming server, but when Facebook rolled out their live offering for free, Michael decided then that competing with the big boys was no longer feasible, so he focused solely on building a simple app for broadcasting to Facebook and YouTube.  And I must say, he did a fine job of doing so!

The WinBroadcaster interface is clean and intuitive.

Built from a desire to make things simple, WinBroadcaster has just the right set of features— those that would be used by an independent coach, a social media guru marketer or even to broadcast local news a small town: logos, backgrounds and pre-defined CG (computer generated) sets, lower thirds, screen capture, chroma key, support for multiple cams and local recording of broadcasts. For the sake of simplicity, it’s even locked to 25 FPS (which could potentially be a problem here in the U.S. for post-production works) — according to the creator, his users don’t need to get into such details.

As for the connectability, direct integrations are made with YouTube and Facebook; everything else is supported via RTMP (Periscope, Wowza, etc.).

Okay, so here we are over at WinBroadcaster.com, and honestly I got pretty excited when this software first became available in version 1.1. The original offering was produced as JustBroadcaster as a Mac Only product and it is  now been ported over to Windows 10 as WinBroadcaster. This is something that was put together by Michael over in Russia, and he’s managed to create a product that’s honestly probably one of the better ones out there.

There is still work to be done, it’s very new.  Let’s just say “in its infancy” but this software has more bells and whistles than most of the other software packages you might consider.  WinBroadcaster has multi- scenes and transitions, lower thirds, and a scrolling ticker.  It has Facebook reaction overlays using emoji voting, there is also a chroma key feature so that you can add backdrops or virtual sets, along with color effects that can be added to the livestream such as greyscale, sepia and a few others.

The totally free version gives you access to: multi screen transitions, lower thirds, screen capture, USB HDMI camera capture, local recording, Facebook streaming, YouTube streaming, RTMP streaming, Facebook reactions overlay, YouTube integration, Facebook Square mode, Network test tool, maximum resolution is 960 x 540p and you cannot schedule your Facebook or YouTube posts, plus you do not have access to the NDI features, or the video calling feature which allows you to bring guests into the studio, along with any other network source capturing.

This also includes any adjustments for time-shifting (audio|video delay) And there is also no virtual camera included or media overlays with the free version, but you can grab it for as little as $40/year if you buy 2 years at a time. It’s normally $50 a year but you get 2 for $80.  You get all of those features plus 1080p full HD with the ability to schedule your Facebook and YouTube posts?

You can invite guests. I believe that’s a total of 4 people on screen with you at the same time and then you would also get access to the media overlay. Those give you features that are not available in a lot of the other softwares.  When I say “many overlays” I mean things like video, audio, static images, and animated images like .gifs so there are examples that can be followed for the process used to add those overlays into the.

I just have to say, for what it is worth… when you consider all that’s available, it’s very easy to start and use as a broadcasting tool.



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