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VidBlasterX – Live Video Production Software Review

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VIDBlasterX | by CombiTech | Free (w/watermark) or $9-$99-$999/year

VidBlasterX is Mike Versteeg’s latest edition and is no longer the free product it used to be. VidBlaster is now a subscription based local software installation that provides live streaming and recording up to 4K/UHD. Send streams to Facebook, YouTube and other CDNs using RTMP or the virtual camera driver.

Basic Setup After Installation

VidBlaster is a studio quality modular component software system with a built-in audio mixer and switcher. The user can combine any number of floating input or output modules (based on version) that can literally be placed anywhere within the user interface, or the modules can be docked to other modules to selectively create the studio layout of your choice, giving it a big plus for having the most customization of all the 3rd party encoder apps available on the market today.

The software comes in three (3) flavors: Home, Studio & Broadcast. The main difference between these editions is in the number of modules allowed in a single profile: Home edition supports up to 7 modules, the Studio edition up to 25, and the Broadcast edition up to 50.

You can see by comparison that VidBlasterX’s compartmentalized, modular layout is set apart from any other streaming software package.

The Broadcast edition also comes with several advanced features: UDP streaming, multiple recorder & streamer modules in a single profile.

Another difference is the level of support: the Home & Studio editions come with community support, the Broadcast edition comes with both community and priority support. The VidBlasterX Trial Edition is equal to the Studio Edition, with a watermark added to all output channels. The cost of Home is incredibly ONLY $9.00 USD/yr!  (You read that right, NINE DOLLARS!)

Now keep in mind, the Home version is limited in its use by the limited number of modules available.  I’m expecting most people seriously involved with live streaming at this time would want to consider at least the $99/year package.   I find it rather difficult myself to even consider software that would cost $999/year to operate, so I can’t recommend that upgrade path to anyone.  Why?  Because there are other competitive products on the market that would charge that much ($999) as a one-time fee with a year worth of upgrades.  However, I have not experienced Michael’s priority support, so there’s a chance that his level of expertise and command of the software he designed deserves the attention of the almighty dollar he is charging for his professional Broadcast version.

The VidblasterX website says: “VidBlasterX is a versatile and powerful ultra-low latency cascading vision mixer and video router with built-in scalers, time base correctors, frame synchronisers, IP video encoders and decoders, video players, recorders, keyers, effects and much more.”

Basically, a lot of big techie words in one sentence confirming that anything around with a WebRTC or RTMP heartbeat can receive a signal pumped to it using VidBlasterX.

Go BLAST some LIVE video to the Web!



Ease of Use